Best Joomla Host

There are several properties of a dedicated hosting company that we look at to rank it. Here is our list of properties of a dedicated hosting plan

  • Reliability - Stability and uptime
  • Reputation - Well established with good reputation
  • Tech Support - Responsive and accessible
  • Size - Disk space and transfer
  • Price - Decent pricing
SiteGround Review

Expert Rating: 9.6

User Rating:    9.1

What you need to know:
SiteGround gives you powerful dedicated hosting with guaranteed security and reliability. The price starts at $169/Month for managed installation Initial Apache, DNS, MySQL, cPanel + WHM, and Firewall setups, 2GB RAM, 500GB disk space, 10TB data transfer. The technical staff is available 24/7 through phone, chat and the premium support option.

SiteGround has proved to be a stable and fast hosting provider for sites we have hosted on their shared servers. We have not used their dedicated servers.

Expert Rating: 9.1

User Rating:    8.5

What you need to know:
HostGator's dedicated plan is blazing fast. Plans start at $139/Month for top-of-the-line hardware, 500GB disk storage on RAID-1 drives, 10TB data transfer, full ROOT access with cPanel and WHM control panels, Apache, MySQL, PHP and other apps. HostGator's expert staff manages the server and technical support is available 24/7 via phone, email and chat.

We have never hosted a website on a dedicated server at HostGator. We have used their shared and VPS plans with great satisfaction. They have incredible speeds and are very reliable.
Buy http

Expert Rating: 9.0

What you need to know:
BuyHTTP gives you dedicated servers with excellent DELL certified hardware with premium bandwidth. Price starts $149/Month and comes with several choices of hardware, unlimited admin time, 100% network uptime guarantee and 4 IP Addresses (managed server adds $60/Month). 24/7 proactive server management and technical support via phone and email.

We have only used BuyHTTP's shared server plan. It was very fast and reliable. We have not used their dedicated plan.

Expert Rating: 8.8

User Rating:    6.8

What you need to know:
Lunarpages has high quality dedicated servers at a reasonable price. The plans start at $165/Month for 4GB RAM, 2x500GB RAID-1 storage, 10TB bandwidth (with scalability options), 2GB backup included, cPanel + Softaculous, and Postgre/MySQL. Server management starts at $9.99/Month and all plans come with 24/7 dedicated chat, phone and email support.

We have never used Lunarpages but their plans show good hardware for smaller price than other dedicated hosts.
Rochen Hosting

Expert Rating: 8.8

User Rating:    6.9

What you need to know:
Rochen offers high-end dedicated hosting. Starting at $399/Month + $99/setup fee you get 4GB RAM, 500GB disk space, and cPanel + WHM. Servers are proactively managed with full monitoring and technical support is email only.

We have used Rochen's business hosting for several years with pretty good server uptime and speed. We have not always been thrilled with technical support, but many Joomla users swear by them.

Top 5 Tips for picking the best dedicated hosting plan

  1. Reliability

    With dedicated servers reliability is a no-brainer. Customers pay a lot more for the best performance on a server. This needs to be top-class performance in uptime and page load times. To make sure you get the most from it, use and uptime monitor to keep track of your website.
  2. Reputation

    There are not a whole lot of companies that offer dedicated hosting. That ones that do need to do a good job at it. Make sure the company you go with is the best choice.
  3. Tech Support

    Dedicated hosting can take some getting used to. Shared hosting is a little more standardized with more technicians able to help. With dedicated servers sometimes it takes little more to get the servers set up.
  4. Size

    Dedicated servers often can spare more space than needed. But also with size, transfer speed and ability to set up software on the server needs to be accessible and convenience. Learn how to get the best speed from your host.
  5. Price

    This type of hosting is considered the best in the industry. It won't be the most inexpensive, but for those who are running high-quality websites with a lot of traffic, a dedicated server is a must.