Submission instructions

Thanks for your interest in submitting a company for review. We have a few guidelines, for the most part everything is self explanatory.

Your Copy/Content Should Be:

  • Easy to read
  • Minimal marketing jargon -- Think of the listing as a conversation between you and a friend.
  • Leave opinion out, that's what reviews are for. Keep in mind you are adding the company details.
  • When creating your copy, remember to keep the customer / visitor in mind.
  • Keep it clean and concise, nobody likes to read blocks and blocks of copy.

After submitting your listing, you will be prompted to upload logos and screen shots. Please upload a high quality copy of your logo on a white or translucent background (at least 500px by 500px) and 3 - 5 screenshots of the company and products.

We reserve the right to make edits so that we can present your company in accordance with our style and standards.

After your listing is posted we will email you to let you know it has been added. It's recommended to promote this page by linking, Tweeting, and posting to Facebook. This helps your listing stand out.

You can also email us at info{at}joomlahostingreviews{dot}com

How To Submit Your Company

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  • All form inputs marked are required.