Best Joomla Host

Listed here are some of our favorite Joomla Extensions and Resources. If you have another one to add let us know and we will check it out. 

Extensions used for Joomla Hosting Reviews:

  • JCE Joomla Content Editor is a perhaps the best wysiwyg editor for Joomla. Lots of great features and support.
  • OSmap generates a working sitemap for your Joomla site based on you menu items. It creates both XML and HTML versions. Use the link to submit your Sitemap to Search Engines.
  • Admin Tools helps you keep you site maintained. From the Admin Tools control panel you can repair database tables, update Joomla, and other cool tools.
  • Akeeba Backup might as well be the standard for database and file backup for Joomla. It's safe to assume most Joomla sites run Akeeba Backup. We run it on this site and find it very useful!
  • jReviews is at the core this site. This extension allowed us to add all of the custom fields and produce all of the editor and user reviews. jReviews uses a very flexible template system which allows for complete control to dispay your reviewed items.
  • Regular Labs Extension Manager is a hub of all the NoNumber Extensions. This includes some of the most popular Joomla Extensions out there.
    • Modules Anywhere allows you to place modules in content items, sections, categories etc. This module is very helpful when you have more advanced web design requirements. Check out our Modules Anywhere Review.
    • Advanced Module Manager helps you organize your modules using helpful tools. You can customize color coordinating tiles to easily visualize groups of module types.
  • sh404SEF turns the default Joomla urls into a Search Engine Friendly URL. This allows for a higher search engine ranking. In addition to SEF URLs sh404SEF will transform you page titles to the correct H1 tags, place no follow tags on your print and PDF links to avoid duplicate content penalties and many other great SEO features.
  • obRSS makes it easy to publish RSS feeds. You can make different feeds for sections of your website. The makers, foobla also made over 34 addons for obRSS so that it will work with all your other extensions.
  • RS Form Pro makes it very easy to set up forms for your website. Simply create forms using text boxes, check boxes, dropdown lists, and more. You can easily add a menu item for RS Form Pro which makes it easy to set up.

Speed and Performance Plugins

  • CDN for Joomla! created by Regular Labs, this allows us to use MaxCDN for our Content Delivery Network. Thinking of Going Pro? use the coupon JOOMLAHOSTINGREVIEWS to save 30%
  • MaxCDN okay this is not a plugin but MaxCDN is the CDN network that we use.
  • JotCache an 3rd party extension that replaces your system cache. It comes with several options like session length and file exclusion.


Other Great Extensions:

  • OSContent allows you to create many categories and content items at once.  This extension is a huge time saver when creating a new Joomla site.
  • K2 is a Content Construction Kit, which means you can use it to build templates for categories and create extra fields for article posts.
  • Kunena is created by Best of Joomla and provides the forum functionality.  A great feature of Fireboard is that no hacking or bridges are required to integrate fireboard into Joomla.
  • Alledia SEO Club Okay Alledia did not actually contribute a component but knowledge gained through their SEO club, allowed us to greatly improve in our search engine rankings.  You most likely arrived here through a search engine and we have Alledia to thank for that.  You can have the best site in the world but if no one visits it, you have not accomplished that much.  If you have a joomla site and would like to improve your search engine ranking the Alledia SEO club is for you.

Template Clubs

  • RocketTheme Template Club  Rocket Theme consistently provides unique creative templates.
  • Joomlart We have used many of their great templates.  In fact, the Joomla Hosting Review template is a highly modified Joomlart template.  In the interest of full disclosure the support is not always the best.  Questions get answered but sometimes it can take a while.  They have two moderators which do an excellent job they have lots to keep up with.  We still use Joomlart for many of our sites and are happy with the templates, we just hope that we do not run into any issues.