Best Joomla Host

how-we-rateAs you may have noticed out reviews are out of ten. We like rating 1 through 10 because it adds more precision than 1 through 5. After averages are determined you will see a decimal added for even more distinct numbering.

For our rating system each number has a level of quality assigned to it. Here is how the ratings work.

How We Rate

10 - Perfect, the best example
9 - Highly Recommended, A top choice. Check it out
8 - Excellent, with room for improvement
7 - Good but has some flaws
6 - It works, but has a few issues
5 - It may work for you, but it may not be worth it
4 - More Bad than Good
3 - Serious functionality issues, avoid this
2 - Your website will be at risk
1- Do not get near this company at all

We hope you find this guide helpful. If you feel like it is lacking or have an issue with the way we rate let us know.