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Responsive Templates by Template Club

See our top responsive templates organized by template clubs. The best templates from Gavick, Joomlabamboo, RocketTheme and others... Read more...

Created: August 13, 2012
Last Modified: June 11, 2013
Best Joomla 3.0 Templates

See which of the best templates out there are compatible with Joomla 3. Our list includes templates by RocketTheme, JoomlaShack, Gavick, and more. Read more...

Created: May 10, 2012
Last Modified: June 12, 2013
Topics: Best Practices 
The top 10 places for Premium Joomla Templates

Premium templates are created by Joomla design professionals. See our top ten templates by companies like RocketTheme, Yootheme, Gavick Pro, JoomlaShack and more Read more...

Created: October 22, 2010
Last Modified: April 8, 2014
Topics: Best Practices