Joomla Beginner Book Roundup

Even in the age of the wikis, how-tos, and video tutorials, a good printed book is a great way to learn. Checkout our list on Introduction to Joomla books. I have also added thoughts & insights to which books I have found helpful.

Steven Johnson
by | Posted: October 10, 2016 | Updated: October 10, 2016
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Here is a list I've compiled on any Joomla books that might serve useful for anyone who wants to learn more about Joomla, whether beginner or weathered veteran. I would recommend all these books for anyone trying to pick up Joomla for their sites because Joomla really is a fun and easy way to make and manage your websites once you've gotten the hang of everything. Anyways, here's the complete list below, the entreis are in no particular order.

Joomla! 3 Explained (2nd Edition)

Author: Stephen Burge

Published: August 7, 2014

ISBN-10: 0321943228

ISBN-13: 978-0321943224

Joomla 3 Explained at Amazon

Joomla 3 Explained at

Joomla! 3 Explained is probably one of our favorite Joomla books. This book will allow you to swiftly master Joomla using simple techniques.  There are many easy to follow, hands-on and practical examples, by the end you will have learned how to run your site securely and effectively.

Steve Burge is very active in the Joomla community and the founder of, a website dedicated to Open Source education and tutorials.

Joomla 3 explained


Joomla! 3 Beginner’s Guide (2nd Edition)

Author: Eric Tiggeler

Published: September 24, 2014

Paperback: 438 pages

ISBN-10: 1783981504

ISBN-13: 978-1783981502

Joomla 3 Beginers Guide at Amazon

Joomla! 3 Beginners guide will help you tackle building a website offering quick and fun experience. This book will help you go beyond your typical Joomla! site to help you craft a site tailored to meeting your specific needs. In essence you will learn how to create a feature- rich website without having to learn any web languages. This book has been updated for Joomla 3.3

joomla 3 beginners guide 2nd ed


Joomla! 3 Boot Camp (1st Edition)

Author: Robin Turner and Herb Boeckenhaupt

Published: April 15, 2014

Paperback: 464 pages

ISBN-10: 1285764676

ISBN-13: 978-1285764672

Joomla 3 Boot Camp at Amazon

Joomla! 3 Boot Camp takes a unique approach to teaching the reader how to properly handle a Joomla! 3 website. Just follow the simple, step-by-step instructions when completing the tasks and you will soon learn all of the details of Joomla!'s content structure and layout that it has to offer.

Joomla 3 Bootcamp


The Official Joomla! Book (2nd Edition)

Author: by Jennifer Marriott and Elin Waring

Published: January 8th, 2013

Paperback: 512 pages

ISBN-10: 0321821548

ISBN-13: 978-0321821546

The Official Joomla Book at Amazon

The Official Joomla! Book offers pretty much everything that someone interested in Joomla! would need to learn. Everything from installation to usability is covered and it makes many of the core concepts of joomla easy to pick up in no time.

the official joomla book 2nd edition


Joomla! For Dummies (2nd Edition)

Author: Seamus Bellamy and Steve Holzner

Published: February 8th, 2011

Paperback: 360 pages

ISBN-10: 0470599022

ISBN-13: 978-0470599020

Joomla for Dummies at Amazon

Joomla! For dummies is a great guide for Joomla and will allow the reader to create beautiful and immersive, community-based sites without having to learn any code languages.

joomla for dummies


Beginning Joomla!

Author: Dan Rahmel

Published: April 26, 2009

ISBN-10: 1430216425

ISBN-13: 978-1430216421

Beginning Joomla at Amazon

Beginning Joomla! is all about getting into the basics of Joomla and learning how to configure it to help what you're personally trying to accomplish. It will help guide you through creating your own design templates, adding and managing content, and adding community features and plugins. Later in the book one can learn some search engine optimization and how to create your own plug-ins.

beginning joomla




I hope you found this list helpful.  I hope to have a list of Joomla Programing books up soon.

Any Joomla Books we overlooked?  Post in the comment and we will get them added.

Also I would love to hear what you think about the different Joomla books. What is good and what is worth skipping.


Thanks! -- Steven

Steven Johnson

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