MaxCDN and Joomla

MaxCDN is a very popular option. The service is great and the prices are right. After testing and learning what they had to offer we were impressed. Here is why.

Steven Johnson
by | Posted: August 28, 2012 | Updated: June 7, 2013

MaxCDN, powered by NetDNA, makes sense to use with Joomla because it is a low-cost, high-performance solution. Content Delivery Networks (CDN's) store all your image, style sheets and extraneous files on servers outside of your host. This gives website visitors a second point at which to access your website's files and reduces load times. 

About MaxCDN

MaxCDN is owned and powered by larger CDN solution NewDNA. MaxCDN is designed to be a cost effective solution to small business websites. The headquarters is located in Los Angeles, CA, they were founded in 2009 and have more than a dozen employees.

Plans & Prices

With MaxCDN you get two different plans. The Starter Plan is geared more towards individuals or small business owners. The Business Plan is meant for much larger companies with higher website demands.

The Starter Plan works well for individuals or small businesses with one or a handful of websites. It comes with 1TB bandwidth a year which is plenty for most users. The plan only comes with one zone to start, but compared to the business plan, it's much less expensive to upgrade on a per-website level.

The Business Plan is meant for enterprise customers with multiple websites or who websites with high bandwidth usage. Another advantage is full access to the MaxCDN API. Overages are cheaper and you get more zones to start with, but the prise is much higher.


Starter Plan

$79/Month or $799/year

Bandwidth 1TB/Year 1TB/Month or 12TB/Year
Number of Zones 1 Incl. - Extra $12/Year 25
Overages (per 1GB) 6.9¢ 4.9¢
Asia Network $10/zone/month $10/zone/month
API Access Only Purge Yes
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Features: 30 day money-back guarantee, discount packages, 24/7 support, instant activation, real-time reporting, US/Europe Network, Shared SSL

Extras: Edge SSL ($39/zone/month), Edge Security ($39/month)

Overall Experience

The purpose for having a CDN is to speed up the load times of your website by reducing the load on your server as well as physical distance between computer and servers. MaxCDN does a good job at providing this service at a reasonable price that keeps your site fast and viewers happy. Installing is simple and configuration is easy. It only takes basic knowledge of the internet to understand.

How to Integrate Joomla and MaxCDN Follow our tutorial

  1. First, create your 'Pull Zone'. During this process you will create a new masked domain that looks something like, where your images and other files are stored.
  2. Second, MaxCDN has you download the NoNumber Extension for Joomla called CDN for Joomla!. You do this by downloading the extension and installing it using the Extension Manager inside Joomla.
  3. Third, configure the CDN for Joomla extension by going to the Plugin Manager inside of Joomla. In this plugin you will type in the pull zone domain.

Further Reading

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