Site5 and CloudFlare

Site5 is an excellent hosting company and now even better because the integrate with CloudFlare for free. Learn how it works.

Steven Johnson
by | Posted: August 27, 2012 | Updated: June 7, 2013
Site5 and CloudFlare

Site5 is one of our favorite hosts and the work well with CloudFlare and have since day 1. Combining both of these services along with your Joomla site will provide a very reliable site, which loads quickly and comes with excellent tech support. 

CloudFlare is setup by making changes to your DNS so that the visitor views your site through CloudFlare and CloudFlare pulls the information from the Site5 server.

Get RailGun for Free

RailGun is the new optimization service from CloudFlare.  I dramatically increase the speed between your site and the CloudFlare servers.  Normally it is only available to those who subscribe to the $200/month business plan.  If you host your site with Site5 then your Free or Pro Plan will automatically upgraded to include RailGun.

This service is available because Site5 has taken the time to become a CloudFlare Optimized Partner.

It should be noted while Site5 is an Optimized Partner RailGun has not officially been rolled out to any hosting companies as of 8/26/2012.  I have spoken with Site5 Support and their systems team are working closely with CloudFlare to get RailGun implemented correctly

We will post updates as it happens

Host with Site5 to get RailGun for Free


How Site5 improves the CloudFlare Experience

It is true you can use CloudFlare with any hosting company but Site5 has take several steps to ensure that your site works with CloudFlare and Site5 in the best and fastest possible way.  Here is how they do it:

1. Added the CloudFlare Apache module to all of their servers.  This module allows those who use cloudFlare have more accurate logging.  If you use Joomla or WordPress you could also have installed an extension or plugin to solve this issue.  When hosting at Site5 it is not necessary to do this. 

2. Site5 will be adding a CloudFlare extension to their backstage control panel.  This will make it easier to setup and configure cloudflare to work with your website.  We will post updates as the service is fully implemented.

3. Implemented RailGun Technology.  This is currently under testing we will update the article when RailGun if fully implemented.


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