Siteground's New Backup System

Siteground's new back-up system and how it will affect back-up restorations.

Sam Cooper
by | Posted: July 18, 2016 | Updated: July 20, 2016
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With Siteground’s new infrastructure having kicked off last October, Siteground has launched their long awaited, new in-house created backup/restore system. A couple days ago the system was tested on an actual SSD failure, and the results couldn’t have been any better. Siteground says that it allowed the user to restore 3 times more data, 7 times faster.

You don’t need to have massive backup restores often with sophisticated highly redundant infrastructure, but since disk failures are so common with Siteground’s size and all, it’s normal for these events to occur. The recovery process of the old infrastructure was way too slow and the sites running on the old R1Soft backup would experience longer outages.

The new system allows simultaneous restores from multiple backup instances to multiple production servers. In essence the recovery times are WAY faster on the new system with the average down time of the websites lasting 28 hours on average, to less than 2 hours.

For more about Siteground’s new Backup system, click here:

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