Top 5 Joomla Training Websites

Joomla Training is a great way to learn from the experts. There are several great options to choose from.

Steven Johnson
by | Posted: February 28, 2013 | Updated: June 11, 2013
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There are some great places on the web to learn more about Joomla. Most people learn how to use Joomla with time and practice, although it's helpful if you can speed up the process.

We have tracked down the 5 best places to learn about Joomla. Some are for beginners and some cover very in-depth topics.

1. JoomlaShack

joomlashack-university-200JoomlaShack does a lot with Joomla. They build templates, extensions, manage forums and provide helpful information to users. In their course members will go through an eleven part course that covers many subjects. After that (or before) members can take intermediate courses, multilingual websites, and use Akeeba Backup. A nice benefit is the ability to talk with other members as you go through the course.

2. (Open Source Training) Source Training provides courses and training with many Content Management Systems. Membership gets you access to dozens of Joomla web videos or choose to go to in-person training groups. OSTraining works with IBM, Apple, MIT, The White House, and other prestigious names, while maintaining affordable prices. Definitely worth the time to check them out.

3. Joomla Beginner

jbeginner-logo-200Joomla Beginner is a sister site to this one. Some of the admins for this site have written blog posts there. It was created to help new Joomla users get their site up and running with no trouble. It's a great site to get some answers to common Joomla problem. Everything is free on this site, and you can get a free Joomla install from them as well. Contact the editors to get more help with your questions.

4. is known very well on the web for simple, high quality videos and written tutorials. Their site covers a wide range of subjects and they have several authors dedicated to just Joomla training. You may find what you want here in terms of tutorials, but you may have a harder time getting help with specific problems.


joomlatutorials-logo-200JoomlaTutorials is a decent site to get some quick information and tutorials. They do not offer any specific information and lack serious training. Under their training section, you will find links to OSTraining (listed above at number 2).

That wraps up our list. Keep in mind that we also specialize in Joomla here at Joomla Hosting Reviews. If you have any questions or want help being pointed in the right direction, let us know! Also, let us know if who you ended up going with or if you know of a better training program.

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